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        Prince Real Estate (Cambodia) Group Co.,Ltd.


        Prince Real Estate (Cambodia) Group Co., Ltd. is a diversified international enterprise, mainly engaged in  property development of commercial and residential properties in Cambodia. The company was established and is funded by international investment entities with backgrounds in high-tech industries, internet enterprises, property development and financial management. On March 9, 2015, the company was registered in Phnom Penh under the name of Prince Real Estate Investment Cambodia Co. Ltd, and was renamed Prince Real Estate (Cambodia) Group Co., Ltd. at the end of 2016.
        In addition to property development, the group has also established 21 secondary enterprises and institutions such as Prince Club Management Co., Ltd., Prince Property Management Co., Ltd., Prince Architectural Decoration Co., Ltd., Prince Culture and Media Co., Ltd., Prince Real Estate Charity Foundation, forming a comprehensive network of related companies. 
        Initiated by Prince Real Estate and dedicated to philanthropy, social responsibility, social harmony and progress, Prince Real Estate Charity Foundation is a charity committed to causes such as drop-out children, the disabled, widows, municipal development and environmental protection. In the last 2 years, the foundation has launched over 70 projects in Phnom Penh and poverty-stricken areas just as Kandal and Battembang, providing over US$1 million worth of donations and supplies for local hospitals, orphanages, poor villages and schools. These projects have benefited 50,000 people and have been highly acclaimed by the government and communities of Cambodia.  
        Operating for more than 3 years since its inception, Prince Real Estate Group is thriving and enjoys favorable brand credibility and visibility in Cambodia. The company is becoming a leading property developer in terms of reputation, potential, expertise and competitiveness and has an extensive portfolio of properties in Cambodia. 
        With its mission of “building a better life”, the group has always committed itself to providing premium products and services, creating ideal, healthy lifestyles for its clients. Adhering to its core values of “Mission, Duty, Mutual-respect, Humanity and Innovation” and with a full sense of responsibility, Prince Real Estate Group will continue its rapid and sustainable development. The group adopts a “Win-Win” strategy: aiming to be beneficial to society, clients, partners and employees, and will contribute to the development of Cambodia consistent with the “Belt and Road Initiative”. It would be an honor for Prince Real Estate Group to be a bridge of friendship between China and Cambodia as well as a significant presence in the history of Phnom Penh.